What’s Between Additive Manufacturing and IoT

When making an investment decision two things are important: Conviction and Relationship.

Well, the relationship part is obvious to anyone who’s ever met with Jon (Dr. Jon Donner, CEO) and Eyal (Eyal Shelef, CTO). Both immediately come across as extremely talented as well as experienced in creating products from relevant technologies. For me it was not love at first sight, I can tell you that. Well it actually was, on the personal level, however I had too many open questions regarding Nanofabrica and the real market need for their invention. As is often the case with trail-blazers, it was difficult to assess how the market would react to a new additive manufacturing machine that enables industrial grade printing of objects with varying build volumes at a resolution of up to 1 Micron. But after “dating” them for a while I decided to go for it and invest.

Read more from Eran Wagner, I3 Equity manager partner, on why they invested in Nanofabrica here.

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