We Dream Big so Our Customers Can Print Small

Nanofabrica is changing the way things are made. To accomplish this we put together a team of exceptional multi-disciplinary professionals and combined knowledge and experience in material science, optics, hardware, software and 3D printing.
To date we have delivered parts to dozens of global customers from various markets such as electronics, optics, injection molding, life sciences, semiconductors and more. Motivated by our passion for solving tough challenges and guided by our desire to listen to our customers and learn from their vast knowledge, we aim high to enable digital mass manufacturing of precise and complex parts.

The People Behind the System

Jon Donner

Co-Founder & CEO

Jon brings a combination of technical and business skills, ensuring that Nanofabrica is always providing the most innovative and cost effective solutions. Nanofabrica is Jon's second startup of cutting edge deep technology. He earned his PhD in nano optics in the group of Romain Quidant at ICFO Spain, following  a double degree from TAU (Tel-Aviv University) in physics and electrical engineering.

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Eyal Shelef

Co-Founder & CTO

Eyal worked at HP for 16 years in R&D and brings the know-how of building large industrial machines and is also an expert in developing materials and chemistry for industry. His unique knowledge combines material research, algorithm development and process control. Throughout his career, Eyal has held several managerial positions, managed over 70 scientists and registered over 30 patents under his name.

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Avi Cohen

Executive VP Global Sales

Avi brings decades of experience in the 3D printing sector to the table, having held senior positions with Stratasys and XJet before coming to Nanofabrica. Avi has a reputation throughout industry and in the 3D printing sector in particular as a pragmatic professional who has the ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate and succeed when confronted with complex challenges.

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Hotam Lezerovitch


Hotam is a hands on additive manufacturing professional and has held various positions in the world of additive manufacturing ranging from teaching at the first fab lab in Israel to leading R&D in additive manufacturing startups. He brings the nuts and bolts experience of 3D printing systems to Nanofabrica.

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Gal Milshtein

VP Engineering

With over two decades of experience in designing and managing of Robots and advanced systems, Gal combines his passion and creativity with mechanics, electrical and software knowhow to transform ideas into patented machines. At Nanofabrica he is in charge of system engineering, making sure the product is robust and precise.

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Tal Sela

VP Materials

Following a career as materials research leader for Xjet and holding a PhD in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University, Tal is an experienced materials R&D & technological professional. At Nanofabrica, she leads the development of printing materials to address the company products’ needs in terms of quality, usability and functionality.

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Yaniv Gershoni

Lab Manager

Yaniv is in charge of operating the printers as well as their maintenance. He brings his practical experience as an application engineer and utilizes it to solve R&D challenges in the lab.

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Assaf Green

Mechanical Engineer

Assaf is part of the development team bringing his knowledge in mechanical engineering to the R&D work.

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Vered Italiano

Materials Consultant

Following a career as head of consumables for Polyjet at Stratasys and holding an MSc in Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University, Vered is an experienced materials R&D & technological professional.

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Katrin Dlugach

Engineering Consultant

With vast experience in designing and managing projects and product development at hardware startups as well as an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Katya bridges the gap between hardware and software.


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