Fast and Cost Effective Manufacturing Parts

Digital Mass Manufacturing of Precision Parts Is Made Possible

Tera 250 combines semiconductor lithography and advanced optics together with 3D printing. The system equips you with ultra precise high performance parts ready within single hours at a fraction of their current cost. Nanofabrica sets a new standard of precision mold inserts. Thanks to our ceramic reinforced material you can reduce lead times from weeks to days and reduce costs substantially.


Combining Precision Engineering
With Additive Manufacturing Advantages


1 µm resolution
over 50X50X100 mm^3


Short runs, customization,
limitless design, no setup time

Make the impossible

Remove need for complex
assembly and drastically reduce
cost of complex parts

3D Printed Precise Mold Inserts

The ever growing need for miniature and precise parts is restricted by current technological limitations. Now, for the first time in history, digital mass manufacturing of precision parts is possible. So whether you manufacture molds, inject parts for your customers or develop in-house the next gen of your product, holding your final part within an hour is a pivotal step.