Having long been utilized for prototyping purposes, additive manufacturing has reinvented itself as a production technology in recent years, and with this has arisen the need for higher accuracy and precision – an area in which 3D printed parts have traditionally struggled.

Three Elements of Micro 3D Printing Platform

Micromachining is a very specialized, challenging operation, so it’s natural that companies that require it are looking for an alternative.

A Disruptive Technology for Micro Manufacturing

Nanofabrica has introduced a first for industry, an AM system that achieves single micron resolution. The technology, therefore, has become a game-changer for mass manufacturing applications in the optics, semi-conductor, micro-electronics, MEMS, microfluidics, and life sciences sectors.

Interview by the TCT Magazine

Every day we are amazed by our AM community who use innovation, ideas, and service to create impact from the local to global level. We are inspired.
It is indeed – a small world.

Interview by A3DM Additive Manufacturing

Nanofabrica is leading the field of precision digital manufacturing. Its Tera 250 industrial micro additive manufacturing (AM) system boasts the ability to achieve unprecedented micron-resolution with ultra-accurate features, details, accuracy, and precision – enabled by an innovative micro adaptive projection technology.

Think big, print small: The benefits and applications of micro-parts

Microscale 3D printing allows for the creation of customized miniature structures of micrometer scales and smaller. It is useful for a variety of products including in electronic and medical devices, and even for use in the aerospace sector, as it allows users to create parts that might be too costly or even impossible to create through traditional manufacturing.

A New Dawn for Micro-Parts

Nanofabrica’s Tera 250 Micro AM System installed at Aran Research and Development’s HQ in Caesarea, Israel. Aran R&D has been using additive manufacturing (AM) for many years and so already understands the value of the technology for its customers.

Interview by Sarah Goehrke - Managing Editor of Fabbaloo

The Nanofabrica next-generation technology is based on innovative micro-DLP process set up with an adaptive smart optic system, to focus and ensure in real time a micron size pixel, alongside with 1-micron layer thickness.

Additive Manufacturing Assists in the Application of UDIs Through Mass Customization

The promotion of true mass customization through the use of 3D printing has long been seen as a game-changer in the field of manufacturing, and the ability to produce individual products with unique characteristics in a timely and economic way in some situations is vital.