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In the aerospace sector, additive manufacturing can reduce weight, improve part performance and remove design and production constraints. The Fabrica 2.0 can be used for various micro applications such as, pressure sensors, in-cabin flow, temperature and humidity sensors, accelerometers and advanced micro devices.
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Micro parts made by additive manufacturing takes a major part of the new autonomous and electrical car industry. Whereas today, each vehicle has around 60 to 100 sensors on board - recent electrical cars can reach as many as 200 per vehicle. The Fabrica 2.0 can be used for numerous micro applications, in-cabin elements, and all type of sensors.
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The Fabrica 2.0 is used for the production of micro-lenses’ holders, complex lens assembly mounts, jigs, fixtures and production tools. Customers can now in a single process enjoy high definitions and accuracy products with complexity and features such as freeform surfaces that would be impossible using conventional manufacturing technologies.
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Additive manufacturing of micro parts is a game-changer in the electronics industry. It is used for manufacturing high-performance electronic devices, minimize size, optimize weight, and achieve precise and innovative geometries. The Fabrica 2.0 is used in the production of RF devices and micro antennas. As well as to manufacture micro-size smart casing, jigs, fixtures and large variety of production tooling.
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Additive manufacturing promotes the production of innovative semiconductor components. The Fabrics 2.0 is used to manufacture pin test sockets, accurate casing and packaging, pick-and-place tooling, and more. It is now possible to manufacture customized and geometrically complex components that would be impossible or using conventional manufacturing processes.
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Medical devices are becoming smaller and more complex to assemble. Micro 3D printing is playing a significant role in solving those challenges and steering innovation. Today, miniaturization – is the name of the game. The Fabrics 2.0 is ideally suited to production of high-accuracy micro medical devices, biopharmaceutical and microfluidic applications, as well as micro-drug-delivery devices.
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Consumer Products

Additive manufacturing in the consumer product sector allows for cost and time sensitive production of geometrically complex parts. The Fabrics 2.0 is suited to the production of micro-parts and for producing micro sensors and for wearable device customization and IoT sensors. Miniaturization and customization of small components enables the future of consumer products engineering.
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Nanofabrica works closely with the academia and research-based institutions that are actively interested in the role of additive manufacturing and miniaturization in the future development of cutting-edge products across a range of industrial sectors.

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